Relatives of missing women brace for more pain at murder suspect's court bid

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Thursday, October 03, 2002

VANCOUVER (CP) - There will be more pain again Friday for the families of Vancouver's missing women as accused serial killer Robert Pickton makes another provincial court appearance. Pickton's lawyer is trying to solve the problem of funding a defence team as the charges pile up against the suburban Port Coquitlam hog farmer.

Pickton now faces 15 counts of first-degree murder after four more charges were laid Wednesday. After being denied legal aid, Pickton has offered to turn over his assets to fund his defence.

The alleged murder victims are from a list of missing women from Vancouver's squalid Downtown Eastside that has grown to 63 names. Some of the women, mostly prostitutes and drug addicts, have been missing for up to 20 years.

Val Hughes, whose sister Kerry Koski is on that list, said Thursday it's like a kick in the stomach for the victims' families every time Pickton appears in court and more charges are laid.

"It's like it's just happening," she said Thursday. "It's not like they've been gone for five or six years. It hits you fresh and new like that."

Investigators have been scouring Pickton's suburban properties since February, looking for evidence of the missing women. Archeology specialists have sifted through tonnes of dirt while forensic experts have minutely checked buildings for DNA traces.

Hughes said people may talk about getting closure, but that doesn't happen for those who are told that their sister or daughter or mother is dead.

"I guess that happens somewhere down the road," said Hughes. "When you're told about what has been found at the farm it's just a kick in the stomach."

Hughes said her family is bracing itself to hear soon about her sister.

"I think our turn is coming," she said.

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