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‘Prayers are for you and the rest that are missing'

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Thursday, October 03, 2002

- Tanya Holyk, 22, a drug addict who worked in the sex trade, disappeared in October, 1996, but was not reported missing until the following November.

When she was 16 she lived for a year in the small native community of Klemtu, on British Columbia's central coast, with her sister, but spent most of her time in Vancouver with her mother.

Tanya's sister, Cathy, once posted a note on the Internet that said: ''If your [sic] out there and see this please please tell me your [sic] okay. I Love You alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''

Cathy has also written, "I have always loved you and always will.... My prayers are for you and the rest that are missing."

Gary Hall, her brother-in-law, yesterday described Tanya this way: ''She was really nice, had a lot of energy about her. I guess that was from living in the city. She just seemed full of drive.''

He said the family knew she was missing from the Downtown Eastside, and feared that police might link her to the investigation on the pig farm.

''As soon as the news came on that they were investigating that [Robert William] Pickton, we were afraid that she might be found there, or her DNA," he said.

Police called the family on Tuesday night to tell them that Tanya's DNA had been found and that charges for her murder would be laid against Mr. Pickton, who owns the pig farm in Port Coquitlam that has been the focus of the missing women's investigation.

''My wife was expecting a call. But that doesn't ease the pain. I can't tell you what she's feeling right now. Now she knows her sister was one of the people.''

- Heather Chinnock, 31 disappeared April 15, 2001, and was reported missing that June. Following a fight with her boyfriend she got into a cab and left their Surrey apartment. She did not take any of her clothes and did not pick up any of her welfare cheques since vanishing.

The green-eyed, brown-haired woman was a heroin addict and a prostitute.

No one in her family has heard from her, including her young son, who was put under the care of the government.

Gary Bigg, who described himself as Ms. Chinnock's fiancé, told The Vancouver Sun that she often visited the Pickton farm.

''Heather used to call it her farm. The guy used to tell her to call it her farm, that's what Heather told me. I guess when they were out there they had kind of the run of the place. Heather had talked about even working out there on the farm,'' Mr. Bigg said.

He said she had been going to the property for at least 10 years.

''At the time, Heather seemed to think it was a very nice place. She invited me to some of the parties out there at different times, but I didn't go.''

Mr. Bigg said he called Vancouver police and the RCMP about the farm several years ago, but he did not hear if any followup was done.

- Sherry Irving, 24, was a drug addict who worked in the sex trade. She disappeared in April, 1997.

She was reported missing by her brother to the Stl'atl'imx Tribal Police on March 20, 1998.

The family, reached yesterday, was unable to discuss Sherry. ''Right now, given what we're going through, we're not able to say anything,'' said a family member. ''Maybe in time, but not now.''

- Inga Hall, 46, was a known drug addict and sex-trade worker in the Downtown Eastside. She disappeared in February, 1998 and was reported missing that March. Little information is available about her.

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