Missing-women force sifts at Burns Road

Pickton says charges 'groundless' in civil case


Tuesday, July 09, 2002

PORT COQUITLAM -- A new phase has opened in the Vancouver missing women's investigation focused on the Pickton pig farm.

For more than a month, the soil at the Pickton farm on Dominion Road has been the focus of the Missing Women's Task Force.

Heavy equipment has been sifting soil at Dominion Road for months in the missing women investigation. Now truckloads are being investigated from the former 'Piggy Palace' location on Burns Road. [BCTV News on Global]

Now, soil from a second Pickton property is being transported there for further examination.

The other property is located at Burns Road. It is home to the so-called "Piggy's Palace," where Robert "Willy" Pickton is said to have held huge parties attended by prostitutes and drug addicts from Vancouver's downtown east side.

Pickton is facing seven murder charges in connection with the investigation.

On Monday, police appeared to concentrate on a pile of overgrown topsoil near a building that houses barbecue pits.

David Pickton, Willy's brother, says police may also be interested in another area west of the barbecue pits.

Multiple murder suspect Robert 'Willy' Pickton's brother, David, says police may also be interested in this overgrown mound of topsoil, where David says he helped his brother bury goat and pig carcasses last November, [BCTV News on Global]

He says there was a late-night dig there last November, in which he helped his brother bury some carcasses, likely the bodies of goats and pigs.

Pickton says 'not guilty' in civil case

Robert Pickton, charged with seven counts of first-degree murder in the missing-women case, says he's not guilty.

In a civil lawsuit filed by one of the missing women's families, Pickton says the charges are "groundless."

The suit was filed by the family of Angela Joesbury, who disappeared from the downtown east side in June 2001.

In a statement, Pickton says he did not kill Joesbury and did not dispose of her body.

Police have already confirmed that remains of Joesbury were discovered on the farm owned by Robert Pickton in Port Coquitlam.

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