Police seek help to find four missing women

Two match profiles of those linked to Downtown Eastside

Kim Bolan
Vancouver Sun

Thursday, November 28, 2002

The missing women task force wants the public's help in locating four women who disappeared from Vancouver between 1978 and 1999.

Two of the four match the profile of the women who have vanished from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside in that they were involved with drugs or the sex trade.

The other two do not match the profile, but investigators are still hoping to find out what happened to the women to bring closure for their families.

"We've had an ongoing file review since the task force was initiated and we're constantly reviewing outstanding missing women's cases," RCMP Constable Catherine Galliford said.

Lenora Elizabeth Olding

Verna Littlechief, who was originally from Saskatchewan, was working in the sex trade in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside when she was last seen in 1978 at the age of 34.

Her family did not hear from her for years, but reported her missing to police in Saskatchewan last March after intense media coverage surrounding the charges against accused serial killer Robert William Pickton.

Pickton is charged with killing 15 women on the list of 63 who have disappeared from the Downtown Eastside in recent years.

Verna Littlechief

Most struggled with addiction or were involved in the sex trade.

Littlechief, an aboriginal woman also known as Bernie Roberts, was about 5'2" and struggled with an alcohol problem.

The other three cases came to the attention of task force investigators through their review of the missing persons files from across the province, Galliford said.

Marilyn Ann Moore, who was also 34 when she was last seen on April 11, 1985, had a drug problem, but was not believed to be working in the sex trade.

Marilyn Ann Moore

She was reported missing on June 25, 1986, after relatives living in the U.S. visited Vancouver to find her without luck.

Moore, a caucasian female, is 5'6" tall, with brown hair and hazel eyes.

Lenora Elizabeth Olding had just turned 19 when she was last seen leaving her Vancouver residence on Oct. 16, 1986.

The young woman was not connected to the sex trade or drugs, but police are hoping to uncover new leads in the long- unsolved disappearance.

Olding is caucasian, 5'5" tall and weighing about 130 lbs., with black hair and brown eyes.

Like Olding, she does not have a history involving drugs or the sex trade. She did reside in Vancouver at the time of her disappearance, but was not known to frequent the Downtown Eastside.

"We have no reason to believe that these four women have anything to do with our investigation at the Port Coquitlam farm," Gallliford said. "We are constantly reviewing missing women's files and they came to our attention as a result of that."

She said Littlechief and Moore, who match some elements of the profile of those who have disappeared from the Downtown Eastside, will be added to the list of 63 if no news of their whereabouts is received.

The other two are not being added to the list, although police are still looking for clues in their disappearances.

"They are outstanding, historical missing persons cases that the task force is hoping that someone has information that might assist in locating them," said Vancouver police Constable Sarah Bloor. 

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