Missing woman confirmed dead

Suzanne Fournier
The Province

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Deborah Jardine fought a tireless battle for decades to help her beloved daughter Angela survive severe bullying as a child and then drug addiction in the Downtown Eastside.

Angela Jardine

Now Jardine's worst fears have come true, with a visit from the RCMP-Vancouver police Missing Women's Task Force to confirm that Angela's DNA has been found on the Port Coquitlam pig farm that was the home of Canada's worst accused serial killer, Robert William Pickton.

Angela, 27 when she disappeared in 1998, was on the list of 63 women missing from the Downtown Eastside. Pickton, 52, has been charged with the murder of 15 of those women between 1996 and late last year.

In Angela's case, as with several other women, police have told their families the DNA of their loved one has been found at the pig farm but do not have enough evidence to lay a murder charge.

"This has been a horrible shock to us, to find out Angela was found at the farm," said Jardine from her home in Sparwood.

"We are praying Angela will have justice and this nightmare ends."

Angela was a fun-loving, eccentric woman, well-known in the Downtown Eastside, who lived in the Portland Hotel. Born to a loving middle-class family, she suffered oxygen deprivation at birth and had a turbulent childhood in Castlegar.

A teacher openly made fun of her at six and classmates tormented her, not understanding her strange ways.

When her parents tried to set her up in her own apartment in Sparwood, she was driven by the taunts of local bullies to board a bus for Vancouver.

Deborah, who tried desperately to get Angela treatment for her drug addiction, says it is a sign of societal failure that a troubled young woman, with the mental age of a preteen, could have nowhere to go but the Downtown Eastside.

Angela was last seen Nov. 20, 1998, at a symposium on drug-related social problems in Oppenheimer Park. 

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Missing woman's DNA found at pig farm-Oct 23, 2002



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