20 attend candlelight vigil for Jardine

The Downtown Eastside was home for murder victim, says vigil's organizer

Lindsay Kines
Vancouver Sun

Monday, November 25, 2002

The friends and family of Vancouver's missing women paid tribute to Angela Rebecca Jardine with a candlelight vigil in Portside Park at the foot of Columbia Street Sunday.

Angela Rebecca Jardine

About 20 people gathered late in the afternoon at a bench dedicated to the women who disappeared from the Downtown Eastside.

The neighborhood might be considered "not a great place" by some, said Peggy Valcourt, who organized the vigil. "But it was home for Angela. There were people that cared about her and cared for her and made her feel happy. I know, because she told me so herself."

Valcourt, who first met Angela in Sparwood, the town in southeastern B.C. where she grew up, would occasionally see her in Vancouver years later. "If she's looking down on us now, I'm sure she's running around in her nice party dress, telling everyone what a great time she's having."

Valcourt also read a letter from Angela's parents, who live in Sparwood and were unable to attend the vigil because of illness.

The family recently learned that Angela's DNA has been found at the Port Coquitlam farm partly owned by Robert William Pickton, who has been charged with murdering 15 of the missing women. He has not been charged in Angela's death.

"We have special memories of our daughter Angela that are cherished within our hearts," the letter said. "These memories provide our family with comfort and peace. We know Angela is no longer being tormented, ridiculed or suffering. She is finally at rest in a place of peace, love and eternal life."

Kathleen Hallmark, whose daughter, Helen, is one of Pickton's alleged victims, drove almost two hours to attend the vigil for Angela.

"I didn't know Angela, but I see the same smiles on her face that I see in the pictures of Helen and my memories of Helen," she said. "And it's good to come to this and know that they were all loved. And I hope they all know how much they were loved."

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