B.C. missing women source fears for his life News Staff

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Scott Chubb, a B.C. truckdriver who claims to be a key source in the

investigation into Robert Pickton, says he believes his testimony is putting his life at risk -- and he says the RCMP refuses to protect him.

Pickton, 53, is charged with killing 15 women who were among a list of 61 women missing from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. It's alleged the remains of the women, many of whom worked as prostitutes, were found at Pickton's Port Coquitlam, B.C., pig farm.

Chubb told CTV Vancouver that his role in the investigation has made him fear for his life. As a result he hasn't slept in days and has nailed the doors of his house shut to protect himself and his family.

"I've been stuck in my house since Sunday," Chubb says. "I have no

protection here, no RCMP out here -- nothing. I have a three-year-old son here with my wife and nails for protection -- that's it."

He says a man tried to abduct him on Saturday -- an incident that has Chubb threatening not to testify.

"This white car pulls out ... and I turned around and the guy lunged right for me. I turned around and started running," Chubb says. He says he didn't recognize the assailant.

Now he's demanding police protection for himself and his family.

"I want them to put me in the witness protection program. I want my name changed, to get the hell out of this town," Chubb says.

In a meeting with members of the Missing Women's Task Force Monday, Chubb and his wife Tasha begged for help.

"Let me make some phone calls, that type of thing. It will take a couple of days and I will get back to you," the official can be heard telling the Chubbs on an audio tape of the meeting.

Chubb says he has yet to hear back from police. Last year, the RCMP moved the family out of B.C.'s lower mainland after he allegedly received a death threat, but they've been on their own ever since.

"Look at my wife -- she's a basket case," says Chubb. "She can't talk

without crying. On top of that we are fighting all the time because she's scared for her son."

When asked her top concern, Tasha told CTV Vancouver: "That my husband or son is going to get hurt and they are going to take him. I can't explain that to my son."

The RCMP refuses to comment on the matter.

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Missing Women Tip Line: 1-877-687-3377

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