VPD task force downsizes-Mar 1-2001

Elk Valley Miner, Thursday, March 1, 2001

Downsizing VPD task force a step backward for family

By Bobbie Saga
Elk Valley Miner

    A Sparwood mother says she is disgusted by a recent announcement the Vancouver Police Department is downsizing the special task force investigating the case of missing women from the cityís East Side.
    "I was exasperated and surprised when I read the news about the VPD downsizing the special task force to a skeleton crew," Deborah Jardine said.
    Jardineís daughter Angela is one of 28 women officially listed as missing from the seedy district located in downtown Vancouver. The nine-member task force was established a little over one year ago to investigate the case. The number of investigators, however, was recently reduced to three.
    "Itís basically the same scenario as it was before," Jardine said.
    "[A] limited amount of manpower to try and solve a huge load of case files of missing women."
    She added over the last two years, families and friends of the missing women generated a considerable amount of media attention which forced the hand of the VPD to get results.
    This included coverage by Americaís Most Wanted and quickly followed by a reward of $100,000 by the BC Attorney Generalís office for information leading to arrests in the case.
    "I recall when our daughter Angela went missing and the VPD continued to tell me two detectives were sufficient to handle all of the cases," Jardine said.
    "Obviously they are returning to the old ways."

"Itís reassuring to know a team of dedicated and diligent
police officers will not give up trying to unravel the mystery
of the unsolved cases."

Deborah Jardine, mother of missing woman

    Jardine added, however, she is pleased the RCMP Cold Squad have taken over the investigations of the missing women.
    "Itís reassuring to know a team of dedicated and diligent police officers will not give up trying to unravel the mystery of the unsolved cases," Jardine said.
    "The Cold Squad is proficient in strategic planning. The RCMP and ViCLAS (Violent Crime Linkage Analysis) genuinely care for the victim and secondary victims involved. Iím sure both units will do the best to their ability to help bring closure for the families."
    Jardine also said she believes her daughter is dead.
    "We know in our hearts her body may never be found. It is a comfort to know her investigation will continue because of this special RCMP unit and her file will not be sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust," she said.
    For further information on the case, check the website established by friends and families of the missing women.

Website: DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER-eastside 

Angela Rebecca Jardine
RCMP Cold Squad takes over case-Feb 15, 2001

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Missing Women Tip Line: 1-877-687-3377

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