Links to Cold Cases and Missing Persons For persons investigating or researching unsolved missing/unidentified cases from the past. Most cases involved are older than ten years. This list is open to all interested, but is NOT intended to be another lame forum for "serial killer fans". If you have any serious questions or ideas though, feel welcome to join in or start a discussion. Todd Matthews-Moderator. A Volunteer Organization dedicated to Missing Persons and Unidentified Victims’ Cold Cases in North America, Australia and Europe.  Vickie Robin Bertram died in Livingston, Tennessee in 1976. The cause of this young girl's death remains a mystery; her case is still unsolved after 24 years.r  Peter Warren, Investigative Journalist and broadcaster exposed the story of the killings of more than 60 addicted sex trade workers on Vancouver's notorious Downtown Eastside. Peter forced the Vancouver Police department to get off of their collective butts and take this case seriously through his CKNW  RADIO series "WHERE ARE THESE WOMEN." The Fallen Wall. In memory of the Lost Loved Ones of Unsolved Homicides and Missing Persons. Master Detective and the Thirty Year Mystery of the Tent Girl. Todd Matthews had an obsession. He lives in Livingston, Tennessee, and out of the blue he recently contacted Master Detective. He had a fascinating story to tell. It began before he was born, but he was destined to become an important part of it. Thanks to him, it was to have a sequel... The Tent Girl was identified as BARBARA HACKMANN TAYLOR in 1998. This article is a copy of the 1969 issue of Master Detective magazine outlining the case. The character referred to in the story as "Bart Cranston" was in reality WILBUR father in law. His name was changed in the 1969 issue for his protection. Read the rest of the Tent Girl story in the links at the bottom of the page. Master Detective will publish a sequel to the Tent Girl story in the December 2001 issue.  In Vancouver, BC, more than 45 women involved in prostitution and or addicted to drugs have vanished from the streets of the downtown eastside. This group is open to all interested. Was the "Tent Girl". Ms Barbara A. Hackman - Taylor murdered? This story resides on "The Fallen Wall" as a testimonial for all victims' families, friends and law enforcement agencies that search unrelentingly to determine what happened to those whose lives were taken by unwillful acts.  The following pages are dedicated to the Herbert Children. This is a place no one wishes to qualify for. We are very sorry that you have a need to be here. You will find this to be a place of unconditional love and support. No one will judge you when you need to vent your pain (and it is so very necessary to do so).  Vickie Robin Bertram died in Livingston, Tennessee in 1976. The cause of this young girl's death remains a mystery; her case is still unsolved after 24 years.r A beautiful website in memory of Angela Rebecca Jardine and all the Vancouver's eastside missing women.24, 1975, eleven-year-old Kathryn-Mary Herbert of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, was abdued on her way home from a Welcome to the Alabama Center for Missing and Exploited Children web site. This site is primarily geared to help in the recovery of missing children, but will also contain missing adults. Active missing kid cases and services.

Christy Lyn Garrard-Alabama On August 14, 1998, Christy was last seen in Boaz, Alabama. Christy was wearing a white cut off T-shirt, black shorts, and white tennis shoes. TroubleShooters is a unique company providing a wide range of very specialized intelligence, missing person and security related services on an Emergency, Stand-by or Contract basis. We operate globaly and can respond to a pending or immediate crisis situation with the expertise and resources necessary to resolve any situation. Ingrid Soet, Missing since August 19, 1989 from Vancouver, British Columbia Elaine Allenbach missing from Vancouver, British Columbia since March 1986 In Memory of The Lost Loved Ones of Unsolved Homicides and Missing Persons. The International Unsolved Crimes' Web Directory features helpful links to missing persons' and unidentified victims' sites throughout North America, Australia and Europe. Missing Persons and Unsolved Crime-Fugitive Hunters

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