Missing Sex Trade Workers
$100,000 Reward Offered

Dateline: 08/01/99

The Ministry of the Attorney General and the Vancouver Police Department have authorized a reward of up to $100,000 (Canadian) for information leading to the arrest and conviction for the person or persons responsible for the unlawful confinement, kidnapping or murder of at least 30 women missing from the streets of Vancouver.

It began in the early 1980's. Prostitutes disappeared, one-by-one from a four block radius of Vancouver's East Side. An area known for prostitution and the drug trade, the women have vanished. There is no crime scene, no bodies and few clues.

Police would like to speak with an anonymous caller who responded to a toll free hotline in July, 1998. In the recording the caller warns police and friends to stop searching because, "Sarah (one of the victims) is dead." The caller stated that a prostitute would be killed "one every Friday night." Police note that the call could have been a hoax. There is nothing to substantiate the Friday night claim. Lower East Side residents and prostitutes are also on the lookout for a brown van, seen lurking in the area on weekends. They believe the driver of the van may hold clues to the unsolved disappearances.

If you have information which you feel might help in this case you may report it to the Vancouver Police, Missing Persons Unit at:

604-717-3415 (Local)
1-800-993-8799 (North America)
669-TIPS (Local Anonymous)

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Missing Women Tip Line: 1-877-687-3377

Updated: August 21, 2016