'Still a lot of hurt out there'

The home stretch: Lynn Frey (right) and a group of supporters turn into Courtenay's RCMP station on
Saturday. The walk from Campbell River to Courtenay took about nine hours

Parents of missing women march to raise money for recovery house

Comox Valley Echo

By Melissa Fryer
Echo Staff

Tuesday, October 8, 2002

Lynn and Rick Frey marched from Campbell River to Courtenay Saturday and they have the sore feet to prove it.

The 40-kilometer march took more than nine hours and raised $5,000 for the Missing Women's Legacy Society.

"I'm very impressed with the level of support we got," said Lynn Frey upon arrival at the Courtenay RCMP station.

Frey organized the march in memory of her daughter Marnie who went missing on August 30, 1997.

"We can not let people forget," she says. "We have to make our point--there's still a lot of hurt out there. The awareness is really important."

Frey was joined in the march by victims services staff and family members of other missing women from Vancouver and Victoria.

Frey visited the Pickton pig farm in Port Coquitlam earlier this year and family members have given sample DNA to RCMP investigators.

To date no DNA evidence of Marnie has been found.

The society is trying to get $600,000 to create a residential recovery house in Maple Ridge to help future women get their lives back together before falling into harms way.

The house, which sits on municipal property in Maple Ridge, needs a new roof, general repairs and a sprinkler system before women can move in.

The house will be leased to the society for five years as a secondary treatment facility.

In six months it could be available to women who have been clean for at least 72 hours. The women live at the house and bed subject to intensive drug and alcohol counselling.

The same counseling will be available to family members, if desired, said Valerie Hughes, who walked with the Freys on Saturday. Hughes sister Kerry Koski went missing in January, 1998.

"We do that so when they come out of the house they don't bump into their old life," said Hughes. "When they come out they're coming out with their family."

Robert 'Willie' Pickton is accused of 15 counts of first degree murder.  

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Missing Women Tip Line: 1-877-687-3377

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